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The Winter’s Tale

New Hampshire Theatre Project
Senior Youth Repertory Company

The Winter’s Tale

Winters Tale2jpeg by William Shakespeare

Directed by Robin Fowler

May 27- June 5, 2016
Fridays & Saturdays @ 7 pm
Sundays @ 2 pm

General Admission $20, Students & Seniors $16
Reservations & information

Sponsored by Peoples United Bank & Cherylanne Williams

The Winter’s Tale is one of Shakespeare’s most diverse and divisive plays, exploring themes of faith, trust, family, love, friendship, fidelity, and maybe most importantly, time. A tragedy of kings and queens in the first half crashes directly into a floral comedy with shepherds, shepherdesses, and clowns in the second. The link between these two worlds seems to be nothing but a “wide gap of time,” but discoveries are made and truths are revealed.

“The themes within this script can be challenging even for professional adult performers,” says director Robin Fowler, “and our students have had to step up to meet them. Acting challenges include anchoring the most fantastical elements of this tale in the real world; creating characters who show the weight of age and loss over a great number of years, and even figuring out how to put a bear on stage. “

A cast of only 12 students populates this world of over 25 characters, most actors taking on at least two different roles throughout.  The Winter’s Tale features Joshua Goldberg, Sebastian Logue, Corrie Owens-Beauchesne, Annika Strand, Van Wile, and Abi Wool – all of Portsmouth – along with Connor Adams of Eliot, Jemma Glenn Wixson of Kittery, Lily Magnan of Durham, and Isabel Smith of Stratham.

Production staff for The Winter’s Tale includes director Robin Fowler, a Youth Repertory Company alumni; stage management by Rachel Vilandre; set and lighting design by Meghann Beauchamp; and costume design by Emily Karel, also an alumni.

Established in 1999, the NHTP Youth Repertory Company is the only auditioned youth company in New Hampshire that offers intense acting training, master classes with guest artists, and the opportunity to perform in a professionally produced performance of classical dramatic literature. As preparation for The Winter’s Tale, Youth Repertory Company actors spent a full semester studying the work of Shakespeare, and attended a master class in Chekhov acting technique with guest artist Peter Josephson.


Well-Behaved Women

New Hampshire Theatre Project’s
Junior Youth Repertory Company

Well-Behaved Women

Jr Rep PR 5JPGJr Rep PR 5 Low RAn original script by Jes Marbacher
Directed by Meghann Beauchamp

April 1-3, 2016
Friday & Saturday @ 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday @ 2 pm

Tickets: $10 General Admission or $30 for a Family of 4
Reservations & information:603-431-6644 ext. 5,

Well-Behaved Women is recommended for ages 8 & up

New Hampshire Theatre Project’s Youth Repertory Company is proud to present Well-Behaved Women, an exciting new work about the women’s rights movement in the United States. Playwright Jes Marbacher, a NHTP Youth Repertory alumni, received her degree in Creative Writing from Colgate University.

From the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, and the launch of the women’s right’s movement, women worked tirelessly for their right to vote. After 72 long years the 19th Amendment was passed, and women were legally allowed to cast their ballots for the first time in the 1920 election. This movement spans decades and involves many women. Playwright Jes Marbacher deftly crafts a work in two Acts, the first focusing in on Susan B. Anthony’s attempt to vote and subsequent arrest in 1872, and the second on Alice Paul and the suffragettes of the 1910’s.

New Hampshire Theatre Project’s Junior Repertory Company approaches this epic piece head on, playing multiple characters of all ages. “This is a difficult work,” says director Meghann Beauchamp. “It is dense material and touches on all number of issues. Every rehearsal turns into a history lesson. We start to tackle a scene and think that it’s relatively straightforward but in reality it has so many layers. Women’s suffrage was a complex issue for a lot of people and students of today have a hard time wrapping their heads around why. Even more difficult to understand is why many of these issues still exist today. Susan B. Anthony was fighting for equal pay 150 years ago and women are still fighting for it today. The historical figures portrayed in Well-Behaved Women broached issues that no one wanted to talk about, shaped policy, and changed our nation. They were truly extraordinary.”

Along with director Meghann Beauchamp, the Well-Behaved Women production team includes Set Designer Kelsie Sawyer and Costume Designers Samantha Smith and Rachel Vilandre. Junior Repertory Company cast members include Isabel Flemming and Adelaide Kinnaly of Hampton Falls; Elise Gillis of Newmarket; Cayden Glenn Wixson and Mischa Landgarten of Kittery; Colette and Luca Haines of Durham; Sarah Hoskin and Elizabeth Nee of Rye; Avery Mitchell of Exeter: Avery Seuter of Wells; and Amelie Logue, Ella McGrail, Leo Megliola, and Colleen Spear of Portsmouth.

Celebrating its 17th year, the NHTP Youth Repertory Company is an auditioned company which offers intense acting training, master classes with guest artists, and the opportunity to perform in a professional production of classical dramatic literature. NHTP’s Senior Youth Repertory Company will be presenting The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare May 27-June 5, 2016

2016 Intelligent Theatre Festival

NHTP’s 4th Annual Community Playreading Festival

Read all about it in The Sound!

March 18-23, 2016

SPONSORS: Pamela & James Patrick Kelly

Celebrating our 2015-16 season theme of plays by and about women – and Women’s History Month as well!

Friday, March 18, 7 pm – Charm by Kathleen Cahill, directed by Meghann Beauchamp
* A provocative new script about the forgotten Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller *

Saturday, March 19, 7 pm – The Women by Clare Booth, directed by Genevieve Aichele
* This 1937 scandalous classic features a cast of 25 women characters *

Sunday, March 20, 2 pm – The Odd Couple (Female Version) by Neil Simon, directed by Jes Marbacher
* Florence and Olive are as wonderfully hilarious as their male counterparts *

SPECIAL EVENT at UNH’s Hennessey Theatre

Wednesday, March 23, 6 pm – Body & Sold by Deborah Fortson, directed by Genevieve Aichele
* In collaboration with the UNH Social Work Department, NHTP artists and UNH students present a reading of Boston playwright Deborah Fortson’s poignant docu-drama about human trafficking victims *

$10 Admission to all playreadings

For reservations, call 603-431-6644 ext 5 or email:

NHTP’s fourth annual Intelligent Theatre Festival continues with the 2015-16 Season theme of plays by and about women. Each playreading is followed by an audience discussion.

On Friday, March 18 at 7 pm, NHTP presents Charm by Kathleen Cahill. Directed by Meghann Beauchamp, this contemporary magic realism script explores the life of forgotten Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller, read by Colleen A. Madden, along with her better known counterparts Emerson, Thoreau and Hawthorne. Saturday, March 19 at 7 pm, director Genevieve Aichele leads a cast of 25 community actors in Clare Boothe’s classic play The Women, a scandalous classic from 1937 with an all female cast. Wrapping up the weekend with comedy, Jes Marbacher directs Kathleen Somssich and Genevieve Aichele in Neil Simon’s hilarious female version of The Odd Couple.

 The NHTP Intelligent Theatre Festival was created in 2013 to engage artists and audiences in a collaborative conversation about the art of playwriting and theatre;to showcase scripts that NHTP is unable to present in a fully realized production; and to offer community members and professional artists the opportunity to work and learn together. NHTP also presents at least one script each year in collaboration with another community organization.

This year, NHTP celebrates Social Work Month in collaboration with the UNH Social Work Department in a playreading of Body and Sold, Boston playwright Deborah Fortson’s poignant script about human trafficking, which is part of a National Campaign to raise awareness about trafficking of American children and teens. NHTP actors CJ Lewis, Teddi Kenick-Bailey, Dominique Salvacion and Bailey Weakley will read along with student actors from the UNH Social Work, Theatre and Community Leadership programs. Following the reading of Body and Sold, there will be a special panel discussion with a Survivor, a Law Enforcement Detective, and representatives from the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute, Homeland Security, and Families in Transition.

The UNH playreading of Body and Sold will be held on Wednesday, March 23 at Hennessey Theater, Paul Creative Arts Center at UNH at 6 pm. General admission is $10, or $5 for students and alumni. Proceeds will go to support the National Campaign and Families in Transition.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller
Directed by Genevieve Aichele

A wonderful opportunity to experience a classic while being entertained and enthralled… The Edge

The Crucible delivers emotional body blows… gripping, hair-raising, heartbreaking…. Portland Phenix

January 15-31, 2016


The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone.

Fridays & Saturdays @ 8 pm, Sundays @ 2 pm 

Some shows are sold out.  Please confirm your reservation before making payment!

Sponsored by The Edgewood Centre, Threshold Stage Company, Diverse Networks LLC and a Friend of NHTP!

New Hampshire Theatre Project explores New England’s own horror story through Arthur Miller’s classic allegory The Crucible. Miller himself says that writing The Crucible was “an act of desperation,” his protest against McCarthyism and the persecution of all things “un-American.” Written in 1952 about events that occurred in 1692, the story is as fresh, terrifying – and pertinent – as it was 65 years ago. Recent books like Stacy Schiff’s The Witches help us understand that Miller fictionalized many of the actual historical events, but in doing so he humanizes what seems unfathomable to modern audiences, that neighbors could turn on neighbors and accuse almost 200 men, women, children and local pets of being possessed by evil.

Director Genevieve Aichele has chosen to stage The Crucible in the round, which will be an unusual experience for frequent patrons of the West End Studio Theatre. “I want the audience to participate fully in the action and emotions of the play, to feel a bit of the atmosphere that permeated Salem at the time – a deep fear of encroaching darkness, Indian raids that slaughtered whole families, wolves, winter, and a diabolical menagerie of devils, demons, witches, wizards and possessed animals.”

The cinematic experience of NHTP’s production of The Crucible will be augmented with original music by CJ Lewis which will incorporate the human voice and live sound effects along with recorded instrumentals.

The Crucible stars Blair Hundertmark as John Proctor, Heather Glenn Wixson as Elizabeth Proctor, Roland Goodbody as Deputy Governor Danforth, and Emily Karel as the seductive Abigail Williams. Other familiar seacoast actors include Helen Brock, Shawn Crapo, Alan Huisman, Teddi Kenick-Bailey, Rachel Prest, Dominique Salvacion, Kathleen Somssich, Paul Strand and Shay Willard, along with newcomers Jemma Glenn Wixson and Colleen Spear.

Along with Aichele and Lewis, production team for The Crucible includes Meghann Beauchamp (Lighting & Set Design), Rachel Vilandre (Costume Design), Rachel Neubauer (Sound Design), Robin Fowler (Stage Manager), and Van Wile (Directing Assistant).

NHTP Youth Repertory Company Scene Study

2014 Scene Study065NHTP Youth Repertory Company

Mid-Semester Scene Study

Friday & Saturday, December 4-5, at 7 pm

Reservations highly recommended.

Call 603-431-6644 ext. 5 or email

Donations gratefully accepted!


The secret of flight lies in the assurance that we are worthy of flying…

Eleemosynary E-L-E-E-M-O-S-Y-N-A-R-Y, A Play by Lee Blessing

“An exquisitely wrought portrait of three women’s passions, a taut, vividly acted, richly satisfying production” – Portland Phenix

Do not miss this lovely production which shows human relationships are not always easy, but grace and forgiveness go a long way” – The Edge

NOVEMBNHTP Eleemosynary PR#2ER 13-29, 2015

Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 2 pm

New Hampshire Theatre Project’s 2015-16 season continues its celebration of women with Eleemosynary, a play by Lee Blessing that focuses on the lives of three brilliant women. Dorothea, the grandmother, attempts to shed the bonds of a controlling father and husband who refuse to give her a traditional education by striving to learn all she can in non-traditional ways. Middle-aged daughter Artie attempts to flee her eccentric mother’s world by saving lives from the seclusion of a research lab. Trying to live up to her grandmother’s expectations and win her mother’s affection, 16-year-old Echo strives to be a spelling bee champion. All three generations share a deep love of learning, a self-expectation of extraordinariness, and a desire to “fly” in many different ways.

Director Meghann Beauchamp chose the play because it illustrates the essential need for human connection from a uniquely feminine point of view – the relationship of mothers and daughters. She says, “I want the audience to feel that no matter how damaged you think a relationship is, healing is possible. No matter how far in the dark depths you are, ascension is possible.”

Eleemosynary stars NHTP artistic director Genevieve Aichele as Dorothea, Colleen A. Madden as Artie, and Minta Carlson as Echo. Meghann Beauchamp will design lights as well as direct. Joining her are Maura Suter as Costume Designer, Dane Leeman as Set Designer, Kristin Henrick as Stage Manager, and Isabel Smith as Production Assistant. Original music for Eleemosynary will be composed by musician Jeremiah Messer.

Eleemosynary is sponsored by Saunders & Silverstein LLP, Pat Spalding and Kilwins Portsmouth.

Minta Carlson

Minta Carlson

Genevieve Aichele

Genevieve Aichele

Colleen A. Madden

Colleen A. Madden

Hot Mama Mahatma

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.03.30 PMHot Mama MahatmaIMG_0351  Website Headshot Leaning

3 Performances only!

Karen (Abrami) Fitzgerald is back on the seacoast from New York!

September 11-13, 2015

Friday & Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2 pm

Make your reservations now!

Karen Fitzgerald, the actress formerly known as Karen Abrami, graced Seacoast stages for 15 years, in dozens of lead roles with some of the area’s top actors, before heading south in 2004 – to New York City!

Before she made that move, she played a wide range of characters: The Witch in Into The Woods, Mama Rose in Gypsy, Dulcinea in Man of La Mancha, Mrs. Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, Dolly in Hello Dolly, Golde in Fiddler on the Roof (twice, with Bill Humphreys), Agnes in I Do, I Do with Peter Motson, , to name a few!

She played everything from prostitutes to nuns, young marrieds to old dowagers, which may be why Genevieve Aichele cast her in the Music Hall’s 125th Anniversary Celebration!   In her spare time, she also served on the Music Hall’s Board of Directors for three years.

Then of course, before she headed out of town, she sang for many years as a featured soloist with the popular gospel group, The Funky Divas of Gospel, with Jim MacDougall. No wonder she was tired when she got to NYC!

But that was not to last.  Karen has been busy. She has expanded her reach to help other people emerge into their own possibility, using every skill at her disposal.  She is not only a life coach and motivational keynote speaker, but also wrote and produced her solo show, Hot Mama Mahatma, a comedy about what happened post divorce. The tagline: “She went to India to get enlightened but got turned on instead!” Besides playing to sold out audiences, it won the Producer’s Award at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in Manhattan.

Karen followed that up at the Metropolitan Room with several sold out performances of The Goddess Revue: The Journey of Turned On Women!, an adult fairy tale told through song, dance and burlesque about a woman emerging into her sexy freedom. And no, she didn’t do the burlesque part 🙂

Finally, she’s been featured in two books on fearless women: Fearless Women, Visions of a New World and In Her Power by Helene Lerner, from which she was a featured guest on the public television special of the same name.

This past year Karen did a popular webinar, Dancing With Desire, for the international media company, Hay House, and most recently was a guest speaker at the Gratitude and Trust Summit, with Academy Award and Grammy Winner, Paul Williams. Her topic? Reinventing Yourself from the Inside/Out. She knows something about that! And yes, she is DELIGHTED to be back on the Seacoast! Special thanks to Genevieve for the invitation to come back up here and play with my Portsmouth peeps!


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